The Roused Dream

Editorial by Bianca van Zwieten
Hair Bianca van Zwieten | Make-up Anouk van Emmerik

Reality is just too much around us. Young people, as well as children, are confronted on a daily basis by horrible images and movies, fake information and are watched every step by governments.

This lead me to research the effect of social media and the effect that this has on individuals. I learned that the effects of over information and stimuli of modern information can lead to fear, low self-esteem, stress and mental illness. Doctors say that mental illness caused from stress is a growing problem in Europe these days.

After looking into this I visited the Surrealism exhibition in Rotterdam and discovered that the Surrealist’s form of art comes out of the inner-, subconscious, the self of the artist. A layer in person that in their time as well as in our times isn’t used much as we need to protect ourselves agains all influences from modern society.

The Roused Dream serie is my protest project agains the information age we live in. Brought with serene, clean beauty with an overlay of subconsciousness and introversion. This to state one way of self protection we all use, maybe not always consciously, against information overkill.

Hair & Photography by Bianca @hairmash |  Make-up by Anouk @hairmash | Muse: Elle @Dunemodelmanagement |

Hair assistant: Rozan Zonnenveld @sjenkels |