We’re all mad here..

Editorial by Bianca van Zwieten
Photography Domen/vandeVelde

Do you have a dreamworld where you can physically or mentally go to escape reality? A quiet safe place to reload and recharge to face the real world? Obsessing with this question and knowing what I do to escape reality, pressure or confrontations, I started researching this “happy place” we obviously need. We all consciously or subconsciously need to protect ourselves these days against information overkill, stress and absurt reality. We need a shield; a peaceful garden, nostalgia, movies, mindfulness, festivals or art.

In early 1900’s the surrealism movement was very big and carried the message to invest your subconscious and to get lost lost in a surreal world or even in a persons own paranoia. To express oneself and make the world a beautiful weird place and forget reality.

This Wonderland Issue has been, when making it, an escape from reality. Creating wonderful characters in a wonderland, fragile characters that protect themselves with their beauty. To celebrate surrealism and block the reality for a while.

Hairstyling: Bianca van Zwieten@Hairmash with Original Mineral

Colorost: Bianca van Zwieten@Hairmash & Sjenkels Creative team with Original Mineral

Hairassistants: Sjenkels Creative Team, Sarah Schaap @Suesalon, Fabian van der Steen @Suesalon

Make-up: Barbra Oliemans & Carlijn Beukers

Styling: Annet Veerbeek